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California Academy on Transition Studies, founded 1997, to bring together the resources of the global community in order to create positive and successful education outcomes.

Thank you for visiting the CATS website. We are offering you valuable resources in order to provide comprehensive information on the many complex disability services offered in the U.S.. We hope to provide useful and necessary knowledge, along with firsthand experiences.

In the future, we plan to expand our website to be able to exchange information regarding education and services among parents and professionals from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We aim to provide global disability service information in various languages with professional participation from a variety of countries.

We also plan to develop a pilot program including exemplary assessments for the education of special needs children, and various adult services provided in California.

Through CATS and the cafe website, we plan to build a network to increase the quality of life of individuals from childhood to adulthood, with parent participation and the assistance of interested professionals, volunteers, and sponsors.

Donations to CATS are tax-deductible due to CATS' non-profit status (non-profit # 95-4636458) under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).