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Board of Directors
S. Phill Yoon, President
Yoko Umeda, Vice-President
Jiyeon Lee, Secretary
Ray Park, CPA, Treasurer
Joe Stambaugh, Member
Susan Hamar, Member
Kanit Parmanee, Member
EunKyoung Bae, Member

Collaboration Core
Bora Lee
Susan Hamar

R & D Core
Christina Kimm, Ph.D.
Seyoung Jang

Executive Director
Dallim Park, ABD.

Medical Advisory
Kyoung Do, M.D.
Terry Stambaugh, R.N.
Nathan Chung, M.D.

Financial Advisory
Ray Park
Andrea Klink

Training Core
Hyojung Koh, Ph.D.
S.Phil Yoon, Ph.D.

General Affairs Core
Sarah Lee

Core Activities

R & D Core

Seek external grant funding
Develop various assessment tools sensitive to multicultural/multilingual people
Develop innovative educational and training models for people with developmental disabilities from MC/ML communities
Develop curriculum and training modules
Disseminate resource materials and information to parents
Develop direct service programs in the local communities for children with developmental disabilities

Training Core

Service provider training
Volunteer training and management
High school volunteers: 400 people/year
College volunteers: 350 people/year
Community volunteers: 500 people/year
Parent training
Summer camp and day camp training
Membership training

Administration Core

Organizing fund raising events
Oversee appropriate allocation of fund for each project
Managing community sponsors and donations

Collaboration Core

Expanding Community Collaborator Network
Business Advisory Board
Community Advisory Board