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The California Academy on Transition Studies has several funding sources.

Donation online (Click Here)

Donate by Mail
Download, print and complete our Donation Form (.pdf)
And fill in your credit card info on the form or make your check payable to:
'California Academy on Transition Studies '.

Donation Form with check or credit card info to:

California Academy on Transition Studies
343 Pioneer Dr. #E203
Beverly Hills, CA 91203 United States of America

*Your credit card charges: If you register by mail or over the phone, your deduction will either be on the fourth of every month or the nineteenth of every month. If you register online, your automatic payment will occur one month from the day you sign up.
*Changing your method of payment, monthly amount, or stopping payment: To make any changes to your account, please contact our CATS representative, For security reasons, we recommend that donors notify us via telephone if they wish to change or update their credit card information.

We submit research and training grants to local, State, and Federal government. We have attached two copies of grant proposals. One had been awarded and the other one is pending for review.

Sponsorship contribution
We do not have specific fund-raising events, but we have solicited business leaders and community members to participate in CATS’s activitiesthrough personal contacts. As we conduct training seminars for parents of child with disabilities, we meet business people and they donate their time and resources to CATS.

We provide training to local community for various groups of people. Small amount of tuition is charged to participants.

General Administration of Activities and Personnel
All people in the CATS organization are volunteers donating their time and expertise to support the mission of CATS. All members in the Board of Directors are people with disabilities who have own professional career.