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Purpose: Investigate the attitudes of business owners on hiring people with disabilities.
Subjects: There were 200 local business owners in each ethnic group: African-American, Asian-American, Caucasian, and Hispanic
Instrument used: Business Owners Attitude Survey
Report due date: March 28, 1998

Parent survey

Purpose: Identify cultural differences in parents' needs and expectations for the child in transition
Subjects: Parents from Southern California in the following ethnic groups: African-American, Asian-Indian, Caucasian, Chinese, Hispanic, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Other
Instrument used: Transitional Outcome and Expectations Survey
Report due date: February 28, 1998

Staff Development Survey

Purpose: Demographic and competencies of professionals who are currently working in transition services were investigated. Based on the competencies recommended by researchers and the needs of the current professionals in transition, issues of the transition specialist training needs were discussed.
Subjects: Professionals in the areas of special education, rehabilitation counseling, social service serving secondary students with disabilities
Instrument used: Self-development questionnaire
Report due date: April 15, 1998

NLTS Secondary Data

Purpose: National follow-up study on students with disabilities to reanalyze national random sampling regarding Asian-American students with disabilities and their transition outcomes
Subjects: National random sampling
Instrument used: SAS instrument and NLTS data
Report due date: April 30, 1998

Pre- and post-employment tests

Purpose: Design and develop instruments to assess multilingual/multicultural post-secondary students' attitudes toward employment
Subjects: Post-secondary Asian-American young adults with disabilities in their ethnic communities
Instrument used:
Report due date: June 30, 1998


Purpose: Investigate issues regarding overrepresentation of special education students according to their ethnic group
Subjects: California special education enrollment data
Instrument: Census data
Report due date: March 15, 1998


Purpose: The demographics of students with disabilities who are in transition from school to work has been investigated. Particularly, the characteristics of Asian-American students in transition services are analyzed in comparison to students from other ethnic backgrounds. This investigation reviewed the data from the Workability I program which is provided by California Department of Education that provides a paid work experience to high school age students with disabilities.
Subjects: Transition-age students with disabilities receiving Workability I services in California
Instrument: Secondary data analysis from California Workability I, California Department of Education
Report due date: May 15, 1998


Purpose: Investigate the proportion of student in special education according to disability categories and ethnicity
Subjects: Students enrolled in special education in California Instrument: California special education census
Report due date: May 30, 1998