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Disability Services

There are a number of available services for individuals with disabilities provided by many different public and non-public organizations. Federal, state, county, and city governments provide direct services to people with disabilities. Hospitals, group homes, and non-profit organizations with financial aid from the government provide these services as well. Each organization has different eligibility criteria for its services and supplemental aids. Individuals with disabilities and their families must take responsibility in finding appropriate services to meet their needs.

Currently, there is no individual website that provides brings comprehensive information disability services with one click. The CATS website is trying to provide this. Sharing information with others is important. It is important to remember that not every organization provides exactly the same services. Each service has a different application procedure and may require different qualifications for the service. When you apply for a new service, you should consider why this service is needed, and determine how it will affect an individual with disabilities and their family to achieve independent living, employment, high school education, recreation, and an improved quality of life.