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The CATS Student Chapter Program is designed to accelerate the professional growth of preservice educators and their self-identification as education professionals and leaders. CATS is committed to improving teacher education and teacher quality. By meaningfully engaging student teachers with CATS resources and involving them with members of the CATS community, future educators and leaders gain an edge that energizes and raises their professional performance level.

Together with their class work, membership in an CATS Student Chapter helps students begin to learn how and where they might fit into their chosen profession. Membership also establishes the link between the classroom and their first jobs as they transition into a career in education. Students will receive opportunities to experience leadership, meet education professionals informally, participate in professional development programs, and develop contacts for internships and future career opportunities. Chapters may form on the campuses of community colleges, colleges, and universities with accredited education programs.

If you're interested in starting a new CATS Student Chapter on your campus, e-mail us to request a Student Chapter.

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